Company Background

2001. NISSEL (M) SDN BHD was established by Jeffrey Tham in Malaysia. The Company began its journey as a small home business providing plumbing services to residential areas and third-party installation and maintenance services to water filtration companies. Throughout many years of service in the drinking water industry, NISSEL slowly gained their reputation in providing quality products and services.

2004. A growing demand for water filtration systems and its plumbing services in the Capital City of Malaysia led Jeffrey to expand his business to Kuala Lumpur. With the demand continues to grow, Jeffrey gained recognition within the industry for the trade services he offered. He further expanded his business by introducing Everpure water filtration products to his customers.

2009. NISSEL set up its first office and showroom at Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur. The business founded its specialization in the Foodservice Industry because by then, NISSEL’s F&B clientele were spreading it outlets nationwide! To meet the needs of the customers from various F&B nature, NISSEL provides all types of water related services from point-of-entry (POE) to point-of-use (POU).

NISSEL is also able to customize its own water filtration systems using quality products and parts, ensuring the safe drinking for its clients and their customers. This custom design is especially for customers with high water usage so that clients are able to receive safe drinking water at a considerable price.

2017. Today, NISSEL has clients nationwide. Among the F&B brands are OldTown White Coffee, Tealive(formerly known as Chatime), Coffee Bene, Nam Heong Kopitiam, Berjaya Resort Tioman, IKEA, Hui Lau Shan, Jusco Food Courts and many others.



         NISSEL Specializes in:

  • Designing and constructing water supply systems for commercial outlets and residential homes (POE to POU)

  • Advisory services on water piping designs and flowrate from POE to POU,

  • Recommends the most suitable water filtration systems for different needs

  • Installation services for other water related products; and

  • Deliver timely maintenance and after-sale services

An illustration of NISSEL’s service offerings in each development phase of a water supply system: