IONPIA UD-1000 + (ION 7200)

IONPIA UD-1000 + (ION 7200)



Sleek and elegant, the Ionpia UD-1000's minimalistic design fits in any decor. Dual alkaline and acidic water spouts ensure total pH accuracy.

Digital touch control panel

The elegant multicolor soft-touch control panel is mounted on the top of the unit. One-touch operation for alkaline, acid, or just purified water with adjustable audio tones for each touch. Voice prompts and digital display confirm the pH level selected.

Seven pH levels from 3.8 to 10

Easily choose the level of acidity or alkalinity by tapping the acidic or alkaline button. Cycle among four levels of alkalinity and two levels of acidity. Or just press the "purified" button for purified and filtered water at a neutral 7.0 pH.

Patented Multi-layer filter structure

To ensure the best purification, the UD-1000 uses a multi-stage filter. Water first passes through a physical FELT membrane to remove solid particles. The water is then forced through a carbon block to remove chemicals and gases, and then through a layer of activated carbon to clean up any remaining contaminants. Finally, the water passes again through anti-bacterial ceramic layers in the ionizer to produce the purest water possible.


  • Manufacturer: IONPIA KR

  • Model: UD-1000 + ION-7200

  • Country of Origin: Korea

  • Color: Black + Chrome

  • Alkaline phase: pH 8.5~10

  • Acidic 2 phase: pH 3.0~6.0

  • SMPS or Transformer (option)

  • Energy saving

  • No heat at stand-by

  • NSF certified material

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