Everpure Endurance Tko Microfilter Pretreatment System

Everpure Endurance Tko Microfilter Pretreatment System


Product Info

Product Code: EV943750

Product Description

The Everpure Endurance TKO Microfilter Pretreatment System features superior, high capacity dirt-holding capabilities to protect and extend the life of primary fine filters.

  • Pleated TKO microfitler cartridge delivers 0.65-micron nominal filtration

  • Filters out dirt and rust particles

  • TKO pretreatment filter has 12 times the surface area compared to a typical 20” slim, spunbound-type prefilter

  • Durable bowl design makes cartridge change-outs easy to handle

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: H: 27” D: ” W: 8.5”

  • Inlet Connection:  ¾”

  • Outlet Connection: ¾”

  • Working Pressure: 10-100 psi. (0.7 – 6.9 bar), non-shock

  • Working Temperature: 35-100 F (2-38 C) 

  • Flow Rate: 15 gpm

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