MRS-225CC System

MRS-225CC System


Product Info

Product Code: EV997009

Product Description

Configurable system delivers reverse osmosis (RO) or blended water for multiple foodservice applications. Improves equipment life and performance by removing at least 90%+ of all dissolved solids that cause scale buildup. Guards against taste and odor causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals that can adversely affect taste of water and beverages.

  • Our "CC" RO models introduce a small amount of hardness minerals back into the treated water. This controlled re-mineralization is desirable for coffee and other applications that require some hardness to achieve optimum results.

  • NOTE: System shown with optional prefilter kit.

  • Wall mount design allows flexible installation

  • Reduces limescale buildup that can cause excessive machine downtime and increased maintenance costs

  • Provides scale reduction to reduce energy costs

  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean; internal filter parts are never exposed to handling or contamination

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Flow: Dependent on water pressure in storage tank and line size(s) to equipment

  • Quantity per Case: 0

  • Working Pressure: 25 - 80 psi

  • Max. Temp: 40°F - 100°F (4-38°C)

  • Inlet Outlet Size: 3/8" OD tube connection

  • Operating Weight: 35 lbs. (not including storage tanks)

  • Dimensions: H: 34" W: 20.5" D: 8"

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Specification Sheet - EV997009