Aqualogic UF Membrane

Aqualogic UF Membrane


Aqualogic Ultrafiltration System provides a .015 micron ultrafilter that removes particles 33 times finer than .5 micron filtration, assuring consistent high quality water that is beneficial to customers’ health. It uses a self-cleaning ultrafiltration that assures low maintenance cost while prolong the lifespan of the system.

(complete with: Irritrol Controller)

The Irritrol Controller is battery operated allows system to work without AC power, designed to be water proof which allows it to survive outdoor environment. Whilst having to be waterproof, it comes with a rain sensor to prevent irrigation during downpour, It allows for valve mounted on the solenoid or to be wall mounted.

The Aqualogic system uses self cleaning ultrafiltration ahead of a low-cost carbon cartridge to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. This self cleaning and separation assures the full stated life expectancy of the carbon cartridge and provides it with mechanically pure water, which eliminates premature clogging. The WS cartridge utilizes template-assisted crystallization to protect your equipment against lime scale build-up.

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